Sunday, October 05, 2008


Both of the kids are extremely adept with hi-tech gadgets.

Sammie loves playing with a cellphone any chance she gets.

Alex is learning how to use a computer at school and at home. He even has a couple of cute dinosaur games he plays on my computer.

Earlier today, hw was playing a dinosaur game on one computer and I was doing some work. After he'd finished playing, and I was done with work and browsing pages (including Facebook) we began working in the yard on the hedges, after which I began preparing dinner.

While I was preparing the meal, I heard the clickety-clack of computer keys. I come over to the computer, and Alex tels me, in a very proud voice, that he was helping me work.

I took a look at the computer (which still had a browser window open to Facebook) and found this:

Mike is aac gh n bb,,jm/./hg vczfw5kmkkm;././/nk,mkjkl,.l,l,;.;/;/.//''/l. l,kkhnbbvb v cxx b bn,,k.j;llhkkjnjnkml,.
I thanked him very much for his help.

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