Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ready for Round Two

Round two, today, in the other chamber, as Sen. Dodd and McConnell (???) attempt to ram the exact same bill through by attaching it to an AMT measure, in a cowardly way, refusing to let it stand on its own. (I think I agree with Hoy almost entirely, for a change.)

So, today, we get to play round two of KILL THE BILL!

Regardless of whether it passes, today's going to be a down day, but we all know how it will be spun to appear.

I can't believe someone like Mitch McConnell, who conservatives used to hype as the next great hope, is endorsing this steaming turd pile (now at 451 pages instead of 3).

Go get to work - 202-224-3121.

And perhaps McCain should realize what side he should be defending if he wants any chance of avoiding being rolled in November. THIS is the time to really be the Maverick, and take on the craptacular Bush/Pelosi/Paulson (???) plan.

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