Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Pace Quickens, Hurtling to Graduation

Right now, I'm think I'm sitting on two A's and one HUH? for this semester. My Thursday class could be anywhere from an A- to a really crappy grade at the moment. I have no idea.

Registration opened today, and after some initial difficulty I was able to get the classes I was hoping to get:

BCOM 8250: Effective Executive Communication (elective)
MBA 8820: Global Competitive Strategy (req)
FI 8000: Valuation of Financial Assets (elective)
CIS 8100: Management of Information Services (req)

These are the last four classes I need to take before graduating in May - assuming I don't drop dead of exhaustion first. All my classes are Monday and Wednesday classes, so at least I won't have to worry about back-to-back nights of classes next term.

I also won't have to watch American Idol results shows, so I guess that could be a positive point as well.

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