Friday, October 24, 2008


So, right now, I think I've got it narrowed down to two semi-correct feeds compared to eight or nine jumbled feeds.

Sometimes, I really hate Google. In this case, because they own Feedburner.

Anyway, here are the correct feeds:

1. - seems to catch most subscribers, but not all the page views

2. - the exact opposite of #1

I've tried navigating through the code so they all read the same, yet still it does not seem to work.

Between battling this and battling horribly in my Thursday night programming class, I think I need to step away from writing any code, applet, servlet, bean, or script for a day or two.

That will be amazingly easy tomorrow, between the Making Strides walk, lector training at church, and an OktoberFest festival all on Saturday. As for today, I have a meeting scheduled with my advisor regarding that dreaded Thursday class which has been absolutely horrendous so far this semester.

I think I might be getting close to a burnout stage.

Thank God the BoDonkey is kicking back up to allow me to focus on something a little more fun.

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