Monday, October 13, 2008

Moron 2, Cramer 0

I stopped watching Jim Cramer on a regular basis a while ago, after it became obvious that most of his guesses (especially during his famed "lightning round") were wrong and that he wasn't adequately researching the companies he spent a LOT of time plugging on his show - such as Bear Stearns.

I haev been watching over the past couple of weeks, and I've seen him yell through my set and computer to SELL EVERYTHING THE SKY IS FALLING OMG RUN!!!!!!!! in the midst of a panic.

He continued to do so on Friday, with the woeful belief that he wouldn't know how far it would fall. In addition, here is a video stating to RUN AWAY FOM EVERYTHING! DON'T BUY ANY STOCKS! AAAUUGGHHH!!!!!

Meanwhile, I wrote, on Friday morning, when it hit my mark of 8000, that it was time to begin buying, because that would be the floor and the panic would begin to subside as all the stupid money would have disappeared as smart people realized the abundance of buying opportunities.

I hope you listed to me, if you're a short-term guy) and not this buffooon, because he would have cost you money instead of having you see almost a 20% gain in two days.

Friday, 10/10, 9:35 AM, when we both published our outlooks: 8059.56
Monday, 10/13, 4:00 PM: 9,387.61.

Each of the bank stocks I mentioned to buy, which Cramer was flipping out over, are each up 15% or more.

I accept commissions through Paypal or through poker room transfers, if you are so inclined.

That's twice I've been the sane, balanced one compared to this insane monkey. If I am EVER the sane, balanced one, you know that's cause for alarm.

I wish I'd had a hedge fund to screw with people's money in the late 90's so I could have my own show - but with actual decent advice.

I still reserve the right to gloat.

Oh well. Hope you made some money Friday and today.

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