Friday, October 31, 2008

About that FTOPS

Know how I was thinking of trying to satellite into a FTOPS event? Like, about 90 minutes ago?

Mission accomplished...

unless I unregister and take the $T.

It's the $100 rebuy event - and I don't have a roll like that, so I might take the $T after all. It's on a Saturday at 4 PM, so I'm not entirely sure about it yet. I kinda like weekends and family time - and it might be difficult to do family stuff while chained to a computer.

At least I can knock one goal off my list for the year, of playing in one of these, if I do it.

UPDATE: Awfuckit, I unregistered. I'll use it to play a bunch more satellites and build the $T balance up, maybe to play in one of the other events.

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