Monday, October 20, 2008

BoDog Blogger Tournament Returns

I wrote last week that the BoDonkey would be returning.

Well, now most of the details are available for you.

The BoDog Blogger Tournament will return on Tuesday, October 28 at 9:05 PM Eastern time.

When it ran in the Spring, it was only on Tuesday nights - but this season, you will have TWO chances per week to donk it up, as there will be tournaments on Tuesday AND Thursday nights.

There will be standings kept throughout the fifteen tournament that comprise the series, and to be considered for some additional special priZes, you can click onto BoDog's registration page. You only have to do it once for the series.

Special prizes, you ask?

How about:

  • Tourney dollar overlays for the top three spots in each tournaments (109, 75, and 50), and $11 tourney for the three bubble players.
  • A Leaderboard throughout the series for an end-of-series Tournament of Champions, with a prize pool of $3,000 for the top 15% on the tourney leaderboard (TLB)
  • $25 Casino credits for each tournament winner
  • The first special guest, on Oct. 28, will be Eric "Rizen" Lynch. No word on who the others might be yet or what may happen.
  • A Last chance tournament, if you've played in three or more tournaments but have fallen short on the ending TLB, you get one more chance..
Here is the complete set of rules.

This was the one series I really began looking forward to each week - it started earlier and it didn't conflict with school. I'm looking forward to doing all of the Tuesday tournaments, at least. Thursday might be more difficult, as playing a tournament while in class might not go over so well.

See you there!

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