Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Splitting Up

I just replied to an e-mail asking for volunteers to canvass for Sen. Chambliss at upcoming UGA and Georgia tech football games.

I replied back stating that I was no longer supporting Sen. Chambliss.

Yes, I am planning on splitting my ticket in this election.

I am voting for the incumbent, Phil Gingrey (R), in the 11th Congressional District. While I disagreed with him two years ago regarding the UIGEA, I am supporting him this time around specifically because of his opposition to the bailout bill passed last week which will cost taxpayers $700 billion.

(off-topic - How about another $2 TRILLION to add on, again with no oversight?)

However, when it comes to the Senatorial race, I cannot vote for Saxby Chambliss for several reasons:

Despite his support for a balanced-budget amendment in 1994 when he came to the House, Sen. Chambliss has strayed further and further from true conservative principles with each election cycle, to the point that he seems to relentlessly support more government intrusion and higher spending.

It's very hard to believe someone when they seem to be ripping you off every chance they get. It explains why Sen/ Chambliss has seen an 18-point lead drop to a 1-point lead over the past two months. But given Sen. Chambliss' actions, it is why I will be splitting my ticket and voting against him in the upcoming election.

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