Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Thoughts on a Recently Concluded Circus

Turns out it really was all over except the shouting, as I watch the State of the Union and see newly-minted Justice Alito sitting in the front row.

Was it really worth it?

The tactics of delay, delay, delay went over about as well as a led balloon, considering the qualifications were never in question. Ideology, yes, but qualifications as to be an unbiased jurist? No doubt.

Negative press was bad enough BEFORE the filibuster announcement (when confirmation was already locked up) and got worse afterward before getting shot down.

So what did Democrats gain?

  • They delayed Alito's nomination long enough so that it's another feather in Bush's cap as he gives the address.
  • Filibusters may be off the table should another nominee come down the pike before 2008.
  • Forcing some Democratic senators up for re-election to vote on a cloture motion may make them vulnerable in November (such as Menendez in NJ)
  • The party now appears to be split to most casual viewers which can result in a stay-at-home approach in November if it truly appears to them that they are not a better alternative, also possibly leading to some GOP pickups (or retention of seats that should be lost, i.e. Conrad Burns)
  • The margin of victory in a cloture vote may allow for another SCOTUS nominee (if one happens) to be more ideological than Justice Alito (whether that is bad or good is up to personal opinion) and have a good chance of getting through. Not good considering the odds are long that all of the more liberal justices may stay on the Court until 2009.

Wait, I'm sure I'll come up with something they gained.......um......there's gotta be something....

Welcome to my own little corner of the universe...

I'll have links and posts up soon, but for now I"m still working on it. Check back soon!

Daddy Day Care (times 7)

Well, I've wound up my week of solo baby care. All in all, it went without too many hitches. It was surprisingly calm.

I've learned a few interesting things:

  • It doesn't matter how many times a child has watched the same Sesame Street tape, they want to see it again. (Also, it's helpful when you need a minute to do something, and there's always a safe cartoon or show on.)
  • When there is only one parent around, it's fun to test limits (How little can I get away with eating? How late can I stay up? How many animals can I carry around at once?)
  • The cute things stand out even more - one day on the way back from day care, he was "telling" his stuffed animals that there were no more cheerios until they got home.
  • I have a lot more patience now than I used to or that I expected to have compared to a year or two ago.
  • I'm also saying things I never expected to say a year or two ago. Gems such as "don't put the animals in the dishwasher" and "the giraffe has eaten enough rice".

That being said, I'm glad life as a single dad has ended (for now), with the wife coming back from New Orleans Sunday. Still, it went a lot better than I thought it would.