Thursday, October 30, 2008

GOTV for the ticked-off Left

Yesterday, I posted a thread about GOTV this weekend which was hosted at Ace's.

Now, I'll do one from the left side of the sphere, but with the same intent.

A large group of 70 HillBuzz people (Hillary Clinton primary supporters) is heading to Ohio to stump for McCain/Palin. Normally, I wouldn't have much to do with Hillary supporters, and vice versa, but over the last couple of months we've realized on both sides that we can come together for the big battles.

Like this one.

Go to their page, view the thread, and sign up to go or to donate.

Yes, I just posted a link for you to donate to Clinton supporters.

No, there are not any pigs flying around outside.

We're together on a big battle - we'll fight the smaller battles later, which I think both sides might agree with.

Go check it out. It's now almost tied in those battleground states, or has flipped slightly red - every bit makes a difference.

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