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LIVEBLOG TIME?: We're starting with 43 tonight, at my table...ICrushBloggers, MiamiDon, Drizzdtj, StB, and Rizen three to my right. Not sure who Chesscake, Siloc, and Pikito are, but, um, hi.

30 minutes in, and we have lost one player, Roland_Deschain. Haven't seen that name before, but again, hi. And bye, I guess. Did not catch the hand because BoDog doesn't let me have 5 open tables at once.

Break #1, 10:05: We have 37 left. We'll pick up a bit after we hit four tables. Gone so far: Roland_Deschain, Riggs, vegaskarl, Jordon, Siloc, and SnappyLC. StB is the chip leader at this statistically insignificant stage.

I sit with 1815, down from the starting 2500, because I am channeling my inner donkey at the moment.

If I don't have your link above, leave it in the comments.

10:13: I channel my inner donkey and double up against ICrushBloggers while screwing around and turning a straight.

10:14: Down to 36 - Sed the Icon goes down and Goat Rodeo follows almost immediately.

10:13: Mofo69 in 35th, Drizzdtj 34th, Chesscake in 33rd.

10:20: Hi BuddyDank.

10:24: Donkette's out in 32nd after running A-3 into A-A of 23Skidoo.

10:27: A-J v. 10-10, and the board spits out 7-5-4-6-3 for a chop. MiamiDon, owner of the A-J: "is this FTP?

10:30: CarnePicante out in 31st.

10:31: Dank doubles off IHoyBloggers and is thoroughly amused. Amused enough to RickRoll. Bastard.

10:33: OW. ICrushBloggers flops a set of sevens and all of Miami Don's chips are in with an OESD. Don turns the straight...and Hoy rivers a boat. GG Don, out in 30th. Ouch.

10:38: I take a medium pot from Rizen. He's down to 2000, I'm over 4000. Folks, if you want that bounty, you better go for it now.

10:39: Emptyman out in 29th, and Rizen doubles up of StB with pocket Kings against A-Q.

10:46: cbags is out - I'm not sure what, because the table disappeared too fast. We're at 3 tables now. Dank is still stuck to Rizen's right at my table and is complaining vociferously in between shots (I hope)

10:49: Hammer versus cowboys no good, and ICrushBloggers is OUT in 27th. WilWonka just rocketed up to 15K in chips.

10:55: RecessRampage's A-9 falls to A-K, out in 26th. WilWonka is dominating my table with his 16,000 chips - let's break, please? He takes out Pikito for 25th.

11:04: I'm a donk by losing 2/3 of my stack with A-Q v. A-A. Nh, yestbay1.

11:05: Double back up with K-10, then push on next hand. From 992 to 2734. Not dead yet. Lightning36, though, is dead and out in 24th. So is TonySoprano (23), TRexRoar (22), and StB (21).

11:09: MemphisMojo out in 20th after pushing a short stack. BuddyDank out in 19th after pushing K-10 to wilwonka's A-4. Down to 2 tables.

11:10: On the lst hand before the break, wilwonka gets another knockout, this of MondoGarage.

So, we are at 17. Here are the counts:

wilwonka:28066.50 (Obscene lead right now)
Columbo777: 12068
sTONe10: 11617.50
23skidoo: 8602
PokahDave: 8371
smokkee: 5880
CEMfromMD: 5085
yestbay1: 4585
Newinov: 3965
raisydaisy22: 3345
BrainMc: 2697.50
APOSEC72: 2484
Rizen: 2406
AskDrL: 2355
Bayne_S: 2235
pokerpeaker: 1597.50

11:17: BrainMc falls victim to Presto in 16th.

11:20: Rizen doubles up thru Raisy Daisy with JackAce against Q-3. No bounty for you.

11:22: Wislim is out in 16th. I'm pretty short right now and completely card-dead.

11:23: RaisyDaisy gets the bounty with Presto! Nice job LJ. Rizen out in 15th.

11:30: wilwonka is over 30,000. The next closest is 11,000.

11:31: Bayne is out in 14th, and Pokerpeaker's K-10 goes down to K-J - 10 on flop, but J on river, out in 13th. I think we are now in the points.

11:33: My Q-2 is good enough as a micro stack, now I'm just a short stack.

11:37: smokkee is out in 12th after A-5 falls to 6-6 on a K-Q-J-Q-2 board. Newinov is up to 14K.

11:39: My Q-J suited falls to rockets. I'm out in 11th. We are at the final table bubble.

11:41: wilwoknka takes out PokahDave with AK v. AQ and we have a final table.

wilwonka: 36981.50
Newinov: 13935
23skidoo :11849.50
raisydaisy22: 11072
columbo777: 9718
sTONe10: 8384
AskDrL: 8955
CEMfromMD: 4680
yestbay1: 1926
We are also at the first money bubble. 6-8 get their buyin back. 9th gets nothing but points.

11:43: yestbay is out in 9th. Next three out get their buy-in back.

11:46: wilwonka continues to scare everyone, he is over 40,000 chips.

11:53: CEMfromMD sucks out with a J-8 vs. skidoo's 8-8 when he makes a flush on the river. He is still the short stack with about 4500 chips.

11:54: Almost allin preflop. Skidoo's A-K doubles up thru RaisyDaisy's 8-7. Both of them now have about 13K in chips.

11:55: RaisyDaisy takes some chips from wilwonka with a preflop push. Wilwonka is now around 36K in chips - still way ahead, but slightly tighter after RaisyDaisy does it again against sTONe10 and goes over 20K.

11:58: CEMfromMD: QQ, sTONe10: 10-10, all-in preflop. Queens hold up, sTONe10 is crippled and out in 8th on the next hand with 10-3 v. Kings.

12:03: Skidoo folds to a raise from wilwonka, is under 10K while wilwonka is back over 42K.

12:04: LJ raises, columbo pushes, LJ folds. Columbo 13K, LJ 19K. Approaching the 3rd break, wil the bigger money bubble break before the next break?

12:06: The table needs Viagra as four limpers see the rainbow flop of K-2-6. Newinov bets and everyone scurries away.

12:08: AskDrL picks up A-6 with a micro stack and doubles up to 8400 thru LJ (14K).

12:14: Skidoo cripples Newinov with pocket rockets against J-9, top pair on the flop. Knocked out by wilwonka and finishes 7th.

12:16: LJ is all in with 2-2 v. wilwonka's A-J preflop, and the ace on the river knocks her out in 6th. We're at the break and here are the counts:

wilwonka: 68,076
23skidoo: 13,728
Columbo777: 13,343
CEMfromMD: 7,245
AskDrL: 5,108

12:23: We're up to 500/1000/100, so this may not go much longer.

12:24: CEMfromMD has Aces, AskDrL has 4's, and wilwonka has 9's. Aces win. AskDrL is 5th. wilwonka has 63K and the other 3 stacks are all around 15K.

12:25: Skidoo pushes A-9 and it holds up against wilwonka's A-5. Skidoo moves to 30K, wilwonka down to 48K.

12:26: Skidoo takes another medium pot, up to 35K.

12:28: CEMfromMD's 10's hold up against wilwonka's A-Q. wilwonka is down to 35K and CEMfromMD is up to 24K. Folks, we got a match again.

12:29: NEW CHIPLEADER: Skidoo moves over 40K.

12:30: Skidoo takes out Columbo in 4th with AA v. AQ. Down to 3, Skidoo 54K, wilwonka 27K, CEMfromMD 23K.

12:31: CEMfromMD gets royally sucked out when the A-J falls to J-3 with two threes on the flop. Out in 3rd, we are heads-up; Skidoo 78K, wilwonka 26K.

12:33: Skidoo tries to close it out with the hammer, and almost gets there with a 2 on the flop until wilwonka's A-5 finds a 5. Skidoo 53K, Wilwonka 54K.

12:34: wilwonka 58K, Skidoo 48K.

12:36: wilwonka 63K, Skidoo 45K.

12:37: Slow-building pot, 10-10-a-8-k board with 4 diamonds, river bet wins it for Skidoo. Skidoo 60K, wilwonka 47K.

12:40: 3-7-8-2 rainbow board, decent-sized pot taken down by Skidoo, who is up to 78K.

12:41: Skidoo wins with K-10 v. 9-7, is up 89K to 18K.

12:42: It's over - Skidoo's A-10, holds up against A-4, and wilwonka finishes 2nd as Skidoo makes an impressive comeback to take down the first BoDonkey, first place money, the casino credit, and five kilos of blow.

Nicely done, and see you at the next edition of the Bodog Blogger Tournament!

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