Monday, October 27, 2008

Enter the Matrix

A few other folks have written about the new Matrix tournaments, which is basically a Sit-n-Go for folks with ADHD.

It's the same 9 players, seated in a tournament at four different tables. The buy-in is split in five - 20% for each table, and 20% for the overall standings. It spreads out the variance a bit, and lets you multi-table for less.

For example, take a $5 tourney. It's broken up into four $1 tables, and the fifth dollar goes to the overall prize pool to be broken to the top three point earners across all the tables.

So, it kind of diversifies the risk and limits the downside, for those folks wary of the one-time bad beat. Now, if you get that at one table, you can hunt them down at the other three tables.

One drawback is that it might limit the upside in some cases.

Unless you're me. - The screen shot shows nothing for Table 1, 1st on 2 and 4, and a 2nd on 3; this led to an overall 1st.

I might start to like these. Or, maybe Full Tilt turned off the doom switch for one night.

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