Saturday, June 30, 2007

Prop Bet Gone Wild

2 Holes.

1 day.

7200-yard course (Bear's Best).

Less than 100 strokes/round.

$340,000 at stake.

1 hangover and almost no sleep.

110 degrees during the day.

Only in Vegas, courtesy of Wicked Chops.

Yep, I'd do it. Of course, I suck at golf, so taking such a bet would be a really bad idea.

He won the bet, got carted to the hospital for heat exhaustion, and then showed up the next day for Event #45 a few hours later and bubbled out.

Friday, June 29, 2007

More Geek than I thought.....

61% Geek

Click on the button to take it yourself and post away...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Only four years behind

Jimmy Kimmel is finally coming to Atlanta.

The show's only been on the air for over four years, so I guess that shows how far behind Atlanta can be sometimes.

Hey, after Tuesday's escapades, anything funny is worth posting.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pic courtesy of MM.

I don't have much else to add. I'm glad both GA Senators voted against cloture, but still can't believe it went through considering how much opposition there was on all sides.

It makes getting screwed at the gas pump feel like a holiday.


With all the news about the local tragedy of Chris Benoit's family this past weekend, a bizarre link showing all of the wrestlers since 1985 who have dies prior to age 65.

It's so long you'll need to scroll down a few times. Saw it this afternoon when I clicked into an ESPN Chat because, well, it was almost time to go for the day and my work was done.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Bizarre travel plans

I spoke with my father earlier because he's turning 70 next week. He mentioned that he and his twin brother have booked a room on COMPS at the Rio....during the week of July celebrate their birthday.

Not that there's anything going on the week of July 9 at the Rio.

He didn't even know it was going on, so I was shocked they were able to book it. At least they had the good sense to avoid the Day 1's.

So, at least there will be two Franci in Vegas for the Main Event....even if it isn't the ones thought of at the beginning of the year.

Weird. Too bad neither one of them knows how to play Hold 'Em. They're more suited to Blackjack.

Crapping out through the years

Another draft note - for those feeling nostalgic, the Hawks' draft picks of the last four years:

1 5 Shelden Williams Duke University (Disappointing - 5 PPG, 5 RPG in almost 20 minutes a night. Not that they could have uised Brandon Roy..........*sniffle, sob, sniffle*)
2 3 Solomon Jones University of South Florida (Still doesn't make sense, a year later)

1 2 Marvin Williams University of North Carolina (Not a bust yet, but he better step it up in Season 3. A 13/5 is a good stepping stone, but that means you get better in Season 3, and I'm not just saying this because they passed on Chris Paul, or Deron Williams.....I'd better stop)
2 1 Salim Stoudamire University of Arizona (OK off the bench, but not really good)
2 29 Cenk Akyol (Who?)

2004 NBA
1 6 Josh Childress Stanford University (Decent, but 10 PPG and 5 RPG aren't enough for a #6 overall pick - which combined with the picks above may be why Horford may be the pick this year. Not that Luol Deng or Ande Igoudala would have been any better.....uh oh, here I go again)
1 17 Josh Smith (For once, a successful pick! Well, mostly.)
2 5 Donta Smith Southeastern Illinois College (2 unmemorable seasons)
2 8 Royal Ivey University of Texas at Austin (A bust so far after three seasons at PG - maybe Chris Duhon would have worked better - he went 1 pick later)
2 13 Viktor Sanikidze (Who?)

2003 NBA
1 21 Boris Diaw (Lousy while here, but great now for Phoenix. At least we got Joe Johnson in return)
2 8 Travis Hansen Brigham Young University (One season was enough, but we did pick up Zaza Pachulia who's at been serviceable at center, putting up a 12/7 last year)

The last lottery-level successful selection was probably Jason Terry, taken in 1999 at #10.

So, after four years, they STILL NEED A POINT GUARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Hawks have not had a decent one since Mookie Blaylock was traded. I'm not counting Speedy Claxton who unbelievable got $25 million over four years prior to last season, which is cap space the Hawks could have desparately used this offseason. The extra seven million per year combined with the rest of their available cap space would have allowed them to try to make a run at acquiring one player or another or another.

So, of course, they are probably going to pass on Mike Conley, Jr., Ohio State's PG, and take Horford, who while is a good player just duplicates areas which are somewhat filled (even if there were better selections available). They might be able to snag Joakim Noah at #11 if Al Thornton gets taken at #7.

If they do take Horford at #3, they better hope Acie Law IV is available at #11 and they can take him, otherwise there might be a riot while everyone searches for Billy Hunter so his head can be ripped off. I'm not sold on Javaris Crittenton - I'd prefer Law, even if he is an Aggie.

Just as long as we don't end up with the latest Chinese sensation. That would be very skeevy.

At least they don't look like bottles of ketchup

The Hawks unveiled their new uniforms over the weekend. Red, white, and blue make for a fairly good combination of colors, or so I've been told.

Home jersey here. Away jersey here.

Now, let's hope they draft the right players Thursday night to fill the jerseys. Who knows, I might decide to go to Philips for the draft party.


As noted in the comments earlier, my template was acting screwy.

Well, I'd been changing it, and finished today, so enjoy the new look.

The Next Chase?

With 756 seeming to be almost inevitable at this point, it got me to thinking again about other player's chances of becoming the all-time home run leader.

Ken Griffey moved to No. 7 all-time in HR yesterday, passing Mark McGwire, and is two behind Frank Robinson for 6th at 586.

Of course, I write this knowing it's almost certain the number to pass won't be 756, but possibly something closer to 800. Based on current numbers, there's really only six players who might be able to get there (in decreasing current totals).

1) Griffey (584) Unfortunately, he is 37 years old already, and would require a Bonds-like renaissance over the next few years to have a chance. Too bad, considering ten years ago it seemed like he was a virtual lock to make it and I don't think anyone would have disapproved.

2) Manny Ramirez (481, 35 years old) - Also pretty unlikely, but if he spends the rest of his career in Boston with lazy flies going over the Monster, may have a shot. We can't assume everyone stops playing at 40 anymore - Bonds is turning 43 soon, and in this time playing past 40 at a decent level isn't that far-fetched, especially as a full-time DH in a few years. He's starting to drop off a little bit this season with only 11 HR so far, but I'm not sure if it's jsut a short-term slump or the beginning of a long-term decline.

3) Alex Rodriguez (492, 31 years old) I knew he'd just passed 450, but didn't realize he may get to 500 by the All-Star Break. Despite 12 seasons of experience, he is still only 31 so he may only be at the HALFWAY POINT of his career. Even with a Griffey-like breakdown over the next several years, he would be within shouting distance of 800. (Griffey has had 165 HR in the previous 7 seasons with Cincinnati, so even if he were to just duplicate that, he would be past 650 at the same age).

4) Andruw Jones (353, 30 years old) Of course, hitting .199 for this season is not helping very much. Short-term, a change of scenery would be best and might get him untracked. Of course, the Braves didn't trade him to the Red Sox last year before he became a 10-5 guy, so they'll only get 20 cents on the dollar thanks to the worst contract push of all time which has made it much more unlikely he will get there. If he can get his head straight in time and return to 2005 form, the odds improve dramatically. If he moved to a better hitter's park, the odds improve as well. If he plays for another 12-15 years, he'd be close to or past 700.

5) Vladimir Guerrero (352, 31 years old) Consistent, but only two 40-plus homer seasons so far. An average of 37 HR per 162 games gets you close, but not quite there. Hurt a bit by the ballpark, too.

6) Albert Pujols (266, 27 years old) He's been amazing to this point - and 26-27 is normally when hitters enter their peak years. In his age 27 year, he's on pace for his fifth straight 40-HR season - and yet compared to prior seasons, he's technically having an off-year. The second-best chance to reach 800 after A-Rod.

So I guess the chances are as such:

1) A-Rod
2) Pujols
3) Andruw
4) Manny
5) Vlad
6) Griffey

In a weird way, folks who wouldn't necessarily root for A-Rod's success may decide to start doing just that if it means he topples Bonds - almost in the same way people didn't really warm to Mantle until Maris threatened to break the single-season record. Also weird since A-Rod shares a few of Mantle's vices.

Good thing he didn't get busted in a poker game last week - the club on 61st was one he's frequented in the past.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

NYC Poker Bust

Well, apparently it's getting really hot in more ways than one in New York.

Three poker clubs in midtown Manhattan were busted up Thursday night. The Chelsea club had about 100 folks (firsthand account here)

I've said before and will say again. DO THE COPS HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO????

F***ing waste of time and f***ing ridiculous.

Next up, you will not be allowed to curse, smoke, drink, work overtime, or anything else.

Wake me when New York finishes turning into France.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Defective RINO

Bloomberg leaves GOP, declares as "unaffiliated"

He won't be missed considering he was a Dem before switching in 2001 and continues to act as such. Aside from the registration, it's hard to name one Republican position he really supported.

Good riddance.

Friday, June 15, 2007

A cover that never should have happened

Slayer, meet Tori Amos, covering Raining Blood.

I'm not going to dare embed that video here, but yes, it is as bad as you imagine it might be. Easily ten times worse than Sheryl Crow covering Guns N Roses.

I'll embed a live version instead so you can bang your stress away on a Friday afternoon. I've found it's great for driving away people from your cube - especially when they are playing it even faster than normal.

Friday Video Folly

Today's video is in honor of the Price is Right, broadcasting its final episode today after 35 years on the air.


Price is Right Nipple Slip

An excited contestant races down to the podium, only to give Bob Barker and the audience the nipple slipping of their lives.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Is there an extra scoop with that?

A million dollar ice cream cone is on the auction block.

Put up for sale by Bruster's, this is not your normal $3 waffle cone.

Proceeds to benefit Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Swiss Miss

Check out this map of the U.S., but redrawn to show the size of state GDP compared to other countries.

Apparently, Georgia equals Switzerland, which explains all of the alpine hostels, ski bunnies, fine chocolate, and anonymous banking around here lately. I don't think Alabama would enjoy being labeled as Iran, though.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The number seven comes up repeatedly throughout the Bible and Catholic teachings.

Well, things have a funny way of working out, it seems.

Due to unexpected circumstances, we scheduled Sammie's baptism. We had thought it might be in the fall, but with a lot of things happening right now, we scheduled it a bit sooner.

As the Church only does baptisms on the first and third Saturdays of the month, we decided to go with the first Saturday of the month.

If you're looking at a calendar right now, then you've realized that means the baptism takes place on 7/7/07.

A bit fitting, ya think?

Trekkie Quiz

Your results:
You are Worf

James T. Kirk (Captain)
Geordi LaForge
An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
Deanna Troi
Mr. Sulu
Jean-Luc Picard
Beverly Crusher
Will Riker
Mr. Scott
Leonard McCoy (Bones)
You are trained in the art of combat
and are usually intimidating.

Click here to take the Star Trek Personality Quiz

Turned to the Dark Side, Haiku-style

Junior joins Hendrick.

He will team with Jeff Gordon.

I have just thrown up.

(Come on, it's better than the unintelligble crap Rosie posts in haiku form)


Well, polls showed Fred Thompson in either second or a tie for first coming into tonight, when he was not yet an official candidate.

As in, before the Tonight Show.

Well, now, they've "entered a new phase".

I wonder how the next poll will look.

First Arnold, then Fred. How the hell did Jay Leno turn into a kingmaker?

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Paris Hilton was ordered back to jail and threw an almighty tantrum when she was ordered back to jail to fill the rest of her sentence - another 40 days (as low as 20 if she starts acting right)

She is 26 years old.

The tantrum she threw wouldn't be tolerated from a 26-month old. Even Alex wouldn't throw a tantrum like that. Strange that a 3-year old can be more mature than a 26-year old.

And no, I don't feel any pity at all for her. She's lucky she didn't kill someone when driving drunk.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dolla Dolla Bill y'all

Today, Congress began the process of removing "Dollar Bill" Jefferson.

I guess when it's possible to get 235 years in prison, such measures are needed.

Thankfully, Jefferson's already resigned his committee post and is on a leave of absence to "successfully fight" the indictment.

Feel free to laugh amongst yourselves.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

All of man's priorities at once

All in one fun-filled weekend.

This weekend brings Creative Loafing's Beer Fest. Saturday, from 2-7 PM, in Woodruff Park downtown. Too bad my first class isn't this Saturday, because it's across the street. Click here for buy one, get one free tickets.

Also this weekend, the Crocs AVP Tour comes to town, and they'll be dumping a whole bunch of sand into Atlantic Station for the matches. I'll pimp them because Crocs used to be one of my clients.

Well, that takes care of the booze and for the other male priority, here you go. Just remember that there's probably a good chance she could beat you up.

Template Change

Yes, the template here is a bit different.

Instead of devoting twelve or so cranky posts to all things political, I just changed the template and that's all I plan on saying about political states of affairs. Other folks can write a helluva lot better than me about such thing right now, anyway.

It might just be political burnout.

The New Yankee Godfather?

Family boss, in failing health and under pressure from rival families (teams) hands off power to Steve Swindal.

Swindal is out after a divorce of Steinbrenner's daughter, which I guess is better than a toll-booth shooting of Sonny.

The daughter is probably going to come back home somehow in a reduced fashion (so she's good for the Connie role).

Middle son Hank (Fredo) is estranged from the family and passed over for youngest brother Hal (Michael) who consolidates his power over the family business as the Yankees' new general partner and makes his other brother-in-law Felix Lopez into a trusted advisor (like adopted Tom Hagen being consigliere).

Does this make Joe Torre into Clemenza? A-Rod into Luca Brazi thanks to their current last-place showing? And of Omar Minaya or Theo Epstein, which one is Tattaglia and which one is Barzini?

And where are my goddamn cannolis?

Lumpy yumminess

Until yesterday, I'd forgotten just how messy it can get feeding an infant.

You'd be amazed where mushed-up carrots can end up thanks to a six-month old. Yesterday was the first attempt with jar food, and while Sammie liked it, it was also quite messy.

Alex thought it was an absolute riot and one of the funniest things he'd ever seen. It's a pretty accurate view, I think.

Monday, June 04, 2007

NETELLER Releasing Funds.....Finally...Maybe

I'll wait until we actually hear that folks are getting their money back. Otherwise, it's about time.

Anyone want to compute the interest earned on that $55 million over the last several months?

Neteller to release U.S. funds

H/t to Chops.

Moving Up

Let's go with a happy post for #500 - why not?

Yesterday was a beautiful day in the ATL. We'd all had a busy day Saturday, between an all-day staff meeting, babybsitter, out to dinner, a twilight trip to the zoo for Northside Hospital parents (which is a lot, considering Northside is a baby factory), and a nighttime drive around downtown to show off the Centennial Park lights and fountain and see the new World of Coke, it was a busy day and a late night.

Around noon, I got Alex ready to head out so that Kim and Sammie could get some needed sleep. Alex didn't need it too much - he was, as usual, the first one awake. We went over to Kennesaw Mountain, where I figured it might be good to drain off some of the excess energy by starting to climb the mountain - when he got tired, we could just head back down. Also, he could look at the Civil War campsite and reenactment that was set up during the weekend.

What I DIDN'T expect was that a 3-year old boy would have no problem climbing a 1800-foot mountain, so we made it to the top in about 30 minutes where he got a huge kick out of how high he had climbed.

What I also didn't expect was that, as we were walking back down the mountain, we would see two adult deer grazing, and then be cut off on the path by a mother deer and her TWIN baby fawns that decided to cross, stare at us and size us up, and then keep going down the mountain. I didn't have the camera with me, unfortunately, but Alex still got a thrill out of seeing wild deer, especially baby deer, and the fact that he made it all the way up and down the mountain by himself - no carrying, no stroller, nothing except his feet for the 1.25 mile trail each way.

After it was all over, he settled down for a nice-long, two-hour nap. So, I guess he got plenty worn out. Too bad I can't bottle his energy, though.

The travel ban is still in effect

Well, it didn't quite go as I'd hoped this weekend on the felt. I finished 27th out of 54 in the Aruba qualifier when I pushed short-stacked with K-Q....and got called by pocket Aces. At least I made it to the top half and, in the end, it was free.

I did go to the live game Friday night, and after playing well through the monkey hour of rebuys, I busted about 10 minutes into the freezeout period where I didn't trust my instincts and ran A-10 suited hearts (yeah, I know, terrible call) into a pretty good players who I had on a push with not much.......until he flopped over pocket Kings. I hit the ten on the flop, but couldn't get another ten or ace and I bombed out. Terrible, terrible play by me, because I ignored my first (and as it turns out, correct) instincts and calculations of what he could have - if I'd done it correctly, I would have folded it, but I ignored it, made a bad decision, and got my stack decimated.

Ouch. At least all I was out was the buyin and add-on - it could have been worse had I forked over rebuy(s) as well.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Have a good weekend

Smile. It's the weekend.

Bye Bye, Billy

Well, it happened.

Billy Donovan left Florida after all. However, he didn't leave to go back to Kentucky, but is staying somewhat local and going to Orlando to coach the Magic.

I like it, for several reasons:

1) He stays somewhat in his comfort zone, as opposed to moves from Gainesville to DC (Spurrier), Lexington to Boston (Pitino) or other flameouts who left college to go halfway across the country. Heck, he may not even have to move from where he lives now!

2) $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. He'll be making twice as much in Orlando as he would have at Florida.

3) Talent. Florida is losing Horford, Brewer, and Noah to the pros so it's going to be a year of lowered results (sorry, guys). Orlando's an up and coming team that made the playoffs, with Jameer Nelson and Dwight Howard to build around.

4) His departure means we won't have to deal with the remote possibility of a three-peat in Gainesville, even with those players leaving. Makes all of us non-Florida fans a little happier.

Any way to convince Urban Meyer to head somewhere else?

How to get tens of thousands of degenerates together.....

Today is June 1.

It is the first day of the WSOP, and the first of 55 events are kicking off.

Want to keep up with offbeat news from Sin City over the next two months? Add Tao of Poker to your feeds and experience two months straight in Vegas without the hangovers or easy vices.

I'm not there....I'm still in Atlanta and have no plans to go anywhere for a while since I haven't qualified for any WSOP events (and probably won't since I don't see myself freerolling in, and I'm not planning to reload, either).

I might play live tonight, but I'm not too sure about it. Tomorrow is an all-day meeting, as well as the final CardPlayer qualifier for the Aruba Poker Classic so I may decide sleep is more important.

I qualified about a month ago for the final on Absolute Poker so that will take place tomorrow at 2:00. The qualifiers for this tournament were limited to just CardPlayer folk, so there's only 53 people in the final tomorrow. Top 9 cash, and 1st gets a nice package for the live tournament in Aruba which is also a WPT event.

Of course, if that were to happen, I'd have to reconsider my plan to not do any travel for a while. With most if not all expenses paid, I could be easily swayed.