Monday, March 31, 2008

Up for the Bayou?

Well, not sure if I can go this year, but here's the schedule for the Bayou Poker Classic, WSOP-C, or whatever they are calling it now.

May 10 might work, since it is a 2 day event.

Fri, May 9th 12:00 PM (2-day event)
Event #1 - No Limit Hold'em $500

Sat, May 10th 12:00 PM (2-day event)
Event #2 - No Limit Hold'em $500

Sun, May 11th 12:00 PM (2-day event)
Event #3 - No Limit Hold'em $500

Mon, May 12th 12:00 PM (2-day event)
Event #4 - No Limit Hold'em $500

Mon, May 12th 3:00 PM
Event #5 - Pot Limit Omaha-Re-buys $500

Tue, May 13th 12:00 PM (2-day event)
Event #6 - No Limit Hold'em $300

Tue, May 13th 3:00 PM
Event #7 - 7 Card Stud $300

Wed, May 14th 12:00 PM (2-day event)
Event #8 - No Limit Hold'em $500

Wed, May 14th 3:00 PM
Event #9 - Limit Hold'em $500

Thu, May 15th 12:00 PM
Event #10 - No Limit Hold'em $1,000

Thu, May 15th 3:00 PM (2-day event)
Event #11 - No Limit Hold'em $500

Fri, May 16th 12:00 PM (2-day event)
Event #12 - No Limit Hold'em $500

Sat, May 17th 12:00 PM (2-day event)
Event #13 - No Limit Hold'em $1,000

Sun, May 18th 12:00 PM
Event #14 - Ladies No Limit Hold'em $200

Mon, May 19th 12:00 PM (3-day event)
Event #15 - Circuit Championship $5,150

Trying to pimp, again

Tried this the other day in the sidebar, but it didn't seem to work.

Battle of the Bloggers

Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Year

Weare two hours into this baseball season, and I'm already wishing Joe Morgan would shut up.

Picks for this year (meant to be done this afternoon, but I really didn't have time.)

AL West: Anaheim
AL Central: Cleveland
AL East: Boston
AL Wild Card: Detroit

NL West: Colorado
NL Central: Milwaukee
NL East: Atlanta
NL Wild Card: NY Mets

World Series: Red Sox over Braves.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Culture Shock

Do you think you've had a rough time explaining things sometimes?

Well, try to top this.

Sammie was not feeling well, and I did not have enough time to get both kids ready, take her to the doctor, and be in the office for an 8:30 conference call and a 10:00 conference call, especially b/c the doctor doesn't open until 8:30. (She's fine, she conked her head by falling out of bed, but she was fine with some rest and TLC.)

So, I got them up, fixed some food, flipped on the television, and did a remote connection into work so I could do the conference call at home with a virtual connection. It was for myself, one other person in Atlanta and two people in Hong Kong (one transplanted American, and one Hong Kong native.)

I put on kids' shows and one of their favorites lately has been Oswald, on Noggin. It is a very, very, very slow show, and I can't stand it, but the kids like it and quiet was most important.

However, Alex came right up to me to tell me about the show, and that got heard throughout the call.

Having to explain a cartoon about a blue octopus and his pet hot dog to people on the other side of the planet in ten seconds is probably going to be my most unique experience of the day.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

BoDonkey Donkey

There is a big difference between pushing with a big ace and calling off half your stack with a medium ace.

Yeah, I know, it was suited, yada yada......STFU.

Thus endeth a tilty day overall.

UTG in the BoDonkey, I have A-Q with a stack of 4425, and blinds at 200/400/50. I push - I'm short with M=4 and even if called, I'm worried about only 3 hands.

I get called by another dropping stack right behind me, around 5600.

I flip up A-Q, and ICrushBloggers (fitting) flips up A-10 clubs. I'm nicely ahead. Surprised at a call in that case - what is A-10 ahead of that would push like that pre-flop? 9's? 8's? A raggy ace won't push, neither will a small pair.

Terrible decision to call.

Until the flop brings out three clubs for a flopped flush and I'm gone in 19th out of 52 and feeling CRANKY.


At least I aced my quiz earlier tonight and my paper for tomorrow is knocked out.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Well, I'd hoped it would work, but I found out today that I will not able to take part in the China program as I'd hoped. Work-wise, it just would not work out.

I'm a little sad, but not too terribly upset about it. It means three classes apiece in the Fall and Spring terms if I want to walk next May, but there are worse possibilities.

If nothing else, it'll allow us to focus more on heading north this Fall and doing more than originally anticipated.

The schedule now gets to (tentatively) lie as follows:

Summer: Database Programming

Fall: Marketing Fundamentals, Web Design Application, Systems Integration

Spring: Two electives, and Global Mgmt. Strategy

Who knows, perhaps there will another opportunity at the end of Spring, before graduation.

Open Source Rapture

If you're into that sort of thing.

Apparently, there's something called the Google Summer of Code.

Not Summer of Love.

Not Summer of George.

Summer of Code.

Applications can be submitted beginning today, March 24 and ends next March 31.There are a bunch of mentoring organizations, and it looks like there are about 1,000 open slots expected for this year (there were 900 slots last year.) You must be a student - in any program, from undergraduate to doctorate.

There's also a nice little student stipend of $4,500 disbursed throughout the summer.

I know a few people reading this through RSS or Facebook or whatever feed you're using will find this moderately interesting.

Continued karmic payback

What good news to start the week - Bank of America will take a $6.5 Billion provisional loss in this quarter due too all its recent woes -housing, credit, and its purchase of Countrywide among other things - and its earnings forecast for 2008 has been cut approximately 20%.

In related news, it took me about 10 minutes to get up after ROTFLMAO.

I didn't know I was so good at this cursing thing :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter.

H/t Ace of Spades.

For more miscellaneous Peeps information, including how they react in a vacuum or to acetone, click here.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quick Picks

Hopefully there is still enough time for you to fade them and make some money.

1st Round upsets:

George Mason over Notre Dame
Winthrop over Washington St.
South Alabama over BUtler
Villanova over Clemson
Kansas St. over USC
CS Fullerton over Wisconsin
Davidson over Gonzaga
Oregon over Mississippi St.
Texas A & M over BYU
Western Ky over Drake
Arizona over West Virginia
Georgia over Xavier

Sweet 16: UNC, Winthrop, Louisville, Tennessee, UNLV, Vanderbilt, CS Fullerton, Georgetown, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Marquette, Miami (FL), UCLA, UConn, Purdue, Duke

Final 4: UNC, Georgetown, Pittsburgh, UCLA

Final: UCLA over UNC (Boring, I know, everyone seems to be picking that.)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Despite the title this post has (almost) nothing to do with poker. However, it does explain why I've been quiet (again) for any actual content over the last week or so.

It's time for registration for Summer and Fall semesters. I've been trying to juggle availability with scheduling, because I really want to finish in time to walk next May. This means I have to take Marketing in the Fall (ugh) so I can take the Capstone course in the Spring. Aside from that, I need 15 other credits, 9 of which must be in CIS. There are enough classes available from a Programming standpoint to meet the requirements for my concentration.

(Next step: hacking into the Matrix.)

I've come up with two possible caseloads.

One involves one class this summer (Database Programming), and then three each in the Fall and Spring. I'll finish in time, but this means resuming those nasty student loan payments for the summer as I won't be enrolled at least half-time, and taking nine credits combined with full-time work sounds a bit scary. Not anywhere near as scary as 15 credits and 2 jobs, but scary nonetheless. The classes are available to make that work, and I already got clearance from my advisor and from work for that track.

The second track has also gotten clearance from my advisor, and from the program director. It involves taking six credits in the Summer, and then either two or three classes in each of the Fall and Spring semesters. However, I need to get clearance for the program from work, as it is a unique situation.

Oh, and it'll cost an extra $5,200 on top of tuition costs.

It's an option I've been meditating on/thinking about/praying about for about a week or so now. It's an opportunity that probably won't be available to me in the future, and is unique for what it offers prefessinoally and emotionally.

I'd also get to undo one of my biggest regrets from my undergraduate days.

Apparenty, in my research last week, I found out that there were still opportunities to engage in a study program in the Far East. Specifically, China and Hong Kong. Yes, I know Hong Kong is now part of China, but it's easier to refer to it separately.

Though the deadline has passed, there are still spots open - if the deposit and fees can be generated in time. Aside from the gambles of hoping Visa's IPO increases by 2500% (now up only 6% from this morning's purchase price) or pulling off a miracle win on a poker table (which won't happen easily with my single-digit bankroll), it might be very difficult to do.

It's a two-week program abroad where students will visit several companies in several cities throughout China - Shanghai, Chungking, Beijing, and more - before wrapping up in Hong Kong for additional study and visitations.

I am really excited about the opportunity, but it will require a lot of obstacles to be overcome - work, money, and being away from family for a longer duration than ever done before. This isn't like going to Vegas for two days - this is going to the other side of the world for half a month. If I did solo travel more regularly and hadn't JUST started full-time work again, I wouldn't have such reservations. Who knows, I can log in remotely to work from home now - perhaps I would try to do so from Guangxou Province.

China and the Orient have been at the top of my "want-to-see" list for some time, so I am really looking forward to the possibility. Besides, there isn't anything else going on in China in August. It would be funny if I ended up being around this one and NOT visiting Vancouver in 2010 as I'd hoped before (another location on my "want-to-see" list).

Has anyone reading this participated in a Study Abroad program? What did you think of it?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Danny Boy

They sing better than me, at least.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I'd file this under "No f***ing way" but I don't have enough posts to fit that description.

Few words on this post, because the picture says a lot.

I cannot believe they pulled it off, but there were three very happy people in this house when the final horn sounded. (Kim was taking a nap).

Now, it's off to DC to play #3 Xavier. Personally, I think it's a good matchup - I'm not too high on Xavier, so that could be another shocker of an upset, especially if enough Dawgs travel up to support them.

Danny Ware, take it away:

Odd birthday present

Apparently, one of my birthday presents was my hibt counter reaching 10,000 yesterday.

It was a nice, quiet birthday, aside from watching UGA win TWO basketball games yesterday. I'm waiting for the SEC final to begin to see if they somehow pull off an upset bid.

We did end up going out both Friday and Saturday, though it was a bit unintended. We were on Barrett Pkwy Friday night when the weather started getting really bad, and decided to go into Joe's Crab Shack since it was right across the street (since steak was out of the question, being a Lenten Friday). Yesterday found us at Town Center, enjoying the steak dinner.

And, in both cases, Alex and Samantha both did goo-goo eyes with the waitstaff. Alex even got a free shirt at Joe's which made him even cuter to the waitresses.

Of course, he thought it was cooler that there was a giant shark over our table.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


As you may have heard, a tornado hit downtown Atlanta last night.

We were northwest, in Kennesaw, so we just had a lot of wind and rain, no overhead damage. No damage to the house either, and no critical injuries elsewhere in the city - amazing, considering where it hit and what was going on (SEC Championship, Hawks game, Home Show).

They are now confirming it was a F2 tornado (113+ mph winds) - the first one ever to hit downtown Atlanta. It also appears there's another tornado warning in effect west of us, so I'm hoping it doesn't extend from Paulding into Cobb.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Album Promo

This is from someone that I went to college with, way back in the day.

Liz Lee, "The Road That Leads to You"

Apologies for the lack of posting lately. It's been a strange week.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Holidays

Men, make sure, on Friday, to celebrate the answer to the pink, hearty fru-fru that is Valentine's Day with the one you love.

I refer, of course, to Steak and BJ Day.

Plain, simple to understand, no hours of agonizing what gift to get. It's self-explanatory.


In looking to get more involved at St. Joseph's, I've finally gone ahead and started to process of joining the local Knights of Columbus council.

First degree is March 27, second degree is March 29. I guess they don't want to wait too long in between hazings.

I'm not quite sure what to expect, though. We'll see.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Well, one thing actually got delivered from their 2006 campaign. Now, it's being tried a second time, and they may be able to pass it this time thanks to paying $3.15 at the pump as I did this morning.

Is it past $4 in NY or DC yet?

House approves $18B in oil taxes

The House-passed bill would use that money to promote renewable energy industries - such as wind, solar and cellulosic ethanol plants - by extending tax credits that recently expired or are scheduled to end at year's end.

The bill would offer tax credits for more energy efficient homes and a credit for "plug-in" gas-electric hybrid cars that would capture electricity off the power grid, once such cars become available in showrooms.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I be purty smart says I'm 19% Stupid! How stupid are you? Click Here!

Eh. It's a B.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Royal Knockout

I managed to colect one bounty, but found myself short-stacked approaching the second break. This is a beauty of a knockout that I've never experienced before.

At least I outlasted Scott Fischman who finished 75th of 86 - I finished 53rd.

ull Tilt Poker Game #5505701397: Skill Series (40521319), Table 10 - 300/600 Ante 50 - Limit Stud Hi - 23:22:45 ET - 2008/03/04
Seat 1: PirateLawyer (3,424)
Seat 2: bartonf (14,202)
Seat 3: APOSEC72 (1,783)
Seat 4: riggstad (2,642)
Seat 5: peacecorn (3,585)
Seat 6: Drizztdj (4,414)
Seat 7: Rake Feeder (6,932)
Seat 8: dino_burger (9,882)
PirateLawyer antes 50
bartonf antes 50
APOSEC72 antes 50
riggstad antes 50
peacecorn antes 50
Drizztdj antes 50
Rake Feeder antes 50
dino_burger antes 50
*** 3RD STREET ***
Dealt to PirateLawyer [8h]
Dealt to bartonf [Jd]
Dealt to APOSEC72 [Ts Qs] [Qc]
Dealt to riggstad [4s]
Dealt to peacecorn [9c]
Dealt to Drizztdj [Tc]
Dealt to Rake Feeder [8d]
Dealt to dino_burger [Ad]
riggstad is low with [4s]
riggstad brings in for 100
peacecorn folds
Drizztdj folds
Rake Feeder folds
dino_burger folds
PirateLawyer calls 100
bartonf folds
APOSEC72: can't, gave up booze for Lent
APOSEC72 has 15 seconds left to act
APOSEC72 completes it to 300
riggstad folds
PirateLawyer calls 200
*** 4TH STREET ***
Dealt to PirateLawyer [8h] [Qh]
Dealt to APOSEC72 [Ts Qs Qc] [Js]
APOSEC72 bets 300
PirateLawyer raises to 600
APOSEC72 raises to 900
PirateLawyer raises to 1,200
APOSEC72 calls 300
*** 5TH STREET ***
Dealt to PirateLawyer [8h Qh] [Jh]
Dealt to APOSEC72 [Ts Qs Qc Js] [2s]
PirateLawyer bets 600
APOSEC72 calls 233, and is all in
PirateLawyer shows [Ah Kh 8h Qh Jh]
APOSEC72 shows [Ts Qs Qc Js 2s]
Uncalled bet of 367 returned to PirateLawyer
*** 6TH STREET ***
Dealt to PirateLawyer [Ah Kh 8h Qh Jh] [Th]
Dealt to APOSEC72 [Ts Qs Qc Js 2s] [Ks]
*** 7TH STREET ***
Dealt to PirateLawyer [Ah Kh 8h Qh Jh Th] [Kd]
Dealt to APOSEC72 [Ts Qs Qc Js 2s Ks] [2h]
PirateLawyer shows [Ah Kh 8h Qh Jh Th Kd] a Royal Flush
APOSEC72 shows [Ts Qs Qc Js 2s Ks 2h] a flush, King high
PirateLawyer wins the pot (3,966) with a Royal Flush
PirateLawyer: phew
APOSEC72 stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 3,966 | Rake 0
Seat 1: PirateLawyer showed [Ah Kh 8h Qh Jh Th Kd] and won (3,966) with a Royal Flush
Seat 2: bartonf folded on 3rd St.
Seat 3: APOSEC72 showed [Ts Qs Qc Js 2s Ks 2h] and lost with a flush, King high
Seat 4: riggstad folded on 3rd St.
Seat 5: peacecorn folded on 3rd St.
Seat 6: Drizztdj folded on 3rd St.
Seat 7: Rake Feeder folded on 3rd St.
Seat 8: dino_burger folded on 3rd St.

Pimpin' Skills

Tonight, it's 7-Stud. Not sure if we'll surpass 105 from the Big Game Sunday night, since it isn't Hold 'Em but it is a knockout.

Hopefully a blogger wins, and not a red pro like Sunday night.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Can he see or is he blind

Yeah, I'm interested in this one. Looks better than Hulk or SpiderMan 3.

*Click through the feed for the video.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Internship, Vegas-style

This might work for you if you have seven weeks to spare.


Gain Valuable Reporting Experience This Summer as an Intern for Card Player at Poker's Largest Event

Card Player World Series of Poker internshipIs covering the largest and most important poker tournament of the year something you’re interested in doing this summer?

If so, now is the time to apply for a 2008 Card Player internship and help our team cover the World Series of Poker and all of the other exciting poker events taking place in Las Vegas this summer.

Interested candidates must be available to work the length of the World Series, which runs from May 30-July 16, and must be at least 21 years old. This will be a hands-on internship wherein you will learn by doing. The internship will provide valuable real-life reporting experience, and you will work as part of a fast-paced and exciting team.

Whether you are a poker fan or a guru of the game, everyone with aspirations to contribute to’s extensive poker coverage is encouraged to apply. Applicants will need to supply the following by March 15:

  • Resume and Three Professional Contacts
  • Three Writing Samples
  • Cover Letter that addresses the following questions:
  1. Why do you want to be a reporter?
  2. Card Player World Series of Poker internshipWhat is your poker and writing background?
  3. Why do you feel you would be a valuable member of the 2008 Card Player reporting team?

Please email the following to and make sure that the resume, cover letter, and writing samples are supplied as attachments. All interns will receive payment and housing for the duration of the internship.