Monday, September 22, 2008

Your Friendly One-Stop Shop

I've been fiddling around again. Just a little bit, not too much.

I'm trying to increase my inventory of items and connections on this page, slowly but surely. The hit history and Google search history definitely show some, uh, INTERESTING searches, but for the most part they're pretty respectable (though the funny ones are worth a completely different post.)

I found one way which seems to be used by some of the other sites I read on occasion (see, I don't just use feeds, I give traffic as well.)

Well, one way that I've noticed which I've decided to add on is a computer and printer supply cross-reference block. While some people have book blocks, I decided to add this on since I've been talking more and more about web publishing and application development for my classes. In addition to other office supplies, this site also enables quick and easy purchase of printer cartridges cross-referenced and other ink and toner cross-referenced supplies thanks to the Amazon-connected database.

For my project, I've decided to simulate the development of a web presence for a photography studio. It's something I've kicked around for years, as I used to work in a stock photography shop when I was in high school which could never really adapt emerging e-commerce competition. So, I've decided to utilize that framework for my project. Besides, since my wife also has a lot of photographs from different places and events, it might be a fun venture to launch if we ever feel like it's something we can commit a bit of time to.

In the meantime, I need a lot of printing supplies anyway, since I'll be printing a lot of pictures from recent trips as well as trying to create some business cards for this little site. Even though I didn't get to go to Blog World this year, I'm still having fun with this site even as I redesign it into whoknowswhat.

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