Sunday, September 21, 2008

Musings and would-be dumping

I was hoping that I could do a pic dump right now while the final game at Yankee Stadium was going on, but I think I just made Picasa explode by trying to work on 100 photos at once.

I wasn't going to upload all of them, but I was hoping to edit them fairly quickly. Since I'm using a couple of them in my project, I figured I would knock out a couple of things at once.

Unfortunately, I can't do it now. Maybe tomorrow night.

In the meantime, while already listening to the dreadful broadcasting of Joe Morgan, it became much worse with the entrance of....Michael Kay.

Oh. My. God.

The sucktitude in the booth is beginning to exponentially increase.

If Jon Sterling, Tim McCarver, or Bob Costas show up in the booth, we may face another epic meltdown. I'm not prepared for that - I need another month, when the Cubs threaten to win the World Series, to be fully ready for the apocalypse.

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