Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Children's Workshop

Hey! May daughter has created her first recipe! We are very proud of her for this accomplishment.

Here are the directions, step by step.

Step 1: Refuse to eat anything more than half a slice of pizza for lunch.
Step 2: Spend four hours, while walking around the museum visiting dinosaur fossils and giant blue whales, refusing to eat anything except some donut munchkins we've been carrying around for emergencies. Mostly, this involves sneaking into them when our backs are turned.
Step 3: Eat 1/4 of a bologna sandwich at Subway.
Step 4: Eat not only a part of Mommy's frozen hot chocolate, but also some of your brothers frozen pineapple-lime drink.
Step 5: Sneak into parents bag to get some hard candy.
Step 6: Mix all items together in tummy thanks to the N train as it approaches 42nd St.
Step 7: Become slightly dizzy while arching head waaaaay back on Adolph Ochs way.
Step 7: Get into Ferris wheel inside Toys 'R' Us, and rebel against the seat belt holding you in place, forcing movement of combined recipe.
Step 8: Plate and serve combined recipe by bending onto Daddy's chest and expelling contents of recipe. Twice. The end result should be somewhat gelatinous, with a nice bluish-green hue combined with large quantities of drool and small chunks of lunchmeat. It is very important to have the right combination
Step 9: Re-dress both daughter and self in a Times Square and Yankees shirt, because, well, they were there. Stop at sidewalk hot dog cart to get drinks for self and kids in order to return home. Also, continue picking bits of bologna from shoes.
Step 9A: Plot how to embarrass daughter with this story when she is a teenager.
Step 10: Let children pass out on the way home, because trains and cars are very good at that.

Feel free to pass this tried and true recipe on to your neighbors. I'm sure it will be a sure-fire party hit!

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