Friday, September 05, 2008

Out of the closet

If two people know something, it's not a secret.

If four people know - well, fuhgeddaboutit.

This little site, which as of late has been generating a lot of hits and subscribers from a lot of different places, has been seen and found by some co-workers here, where I've spent the last six months (and counting). As I work with fairly smart people, they were able to figure out this site belonged to the fairly new guy.

Now, the good thing: Apparently, it was all the Palin news and political news that brought them in. Specifically, my posting of Sarah Palin's acceptance speech at the RNC. Thanks, Google.

Just to make sure, around my office, there are either McCain supporters or Palin supporters.

There were Obama supporters. There are no longer any Obama supporters. They're either on the fence or have jumped to the other side of the fence.

There were more than a few Hillary supporters. They are now McCain-Palin supporters. Some drifted to Obama originally be default, but have jumped ship from him.

There are a few who don't support either. They also do not have the ability to vote, having been recent immigrants.

As for diversity, there is quite a bit here with regards to race and religion, as expected within a Fortune 500 company. However, all these people from a wide swath of groups (AFAIK) has come over to McCain-Palin. Some came over before me; some came over Wednesday night.

Maybe they were offended by being told they were bitter people, clinging to guns and religion.

Maybe they were offended by disparaging immigrants.

Maybe they were offended by disparaging Gov. Palin as "just a small-town mayor" and ignoring her time as governor which exceeds Obama's own executive experience.

Maybe they were offended by the Messiah complex of Barack Obama.

Maybe they were offended by Obama characterizing children as a "burden". After all, he even favored laws that would allow babies who had survived abortion procedures to be left to die - which should be anathema to any individual with an ounce of common sense.

Maybe they were offended by Obama characterizing certain decisions to be made as "above his pay grade".

Maybe they were offended by Obama's confusion of his "community-organizer" ACORN rabble-rousing days with actual volunteer service that makes a difference in communities beyond forming angry mobs and breaking local laws.

Maybe they were offended by belittling women's accomplishments and working mothers and pushing Hillary out of the way in a manner not common with past nomination processes.

Maybe they were offended by the slamming of a pregnant 17-year old and parenting issues, when most people have to deal with serious problems when raising teenagers and don't enjoy those sorts of attacks on their kids.

Maybe they were offended by belittling bringing a special needs child into the world (which is the main reason for my fury lately, with the worries we had about Sammie in utero.)

There's ten ways right there. I'll stop there. Look at who I've linked to: Mother Jones, National Right-to-Life, Michelle Malkin, Rick Warren, Politico, Catholic Sites, the L.A. Times, and more.

Try and come up with a more diverse group of links to put into one topic. I dare you.

There aren't many people left that haven't been offended by the Obama-Biden camp.

So, thankfully, it is a well-received outing at work. Besides, these are good, sane people here where I work now - unlike Bank of America, where half of my group was insane Cynthia McKinney supporters (how I survived there seven years, I'll never know.)

Now, all I have to do is make sure the time-stamps show that these posts are really done at nighttime. Except for this one.

This, of course, means you don't have to worry about me going soft, either.

Hell no, it's time to go to the mattresses.

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Are you sure you titled this one appropriately?!? --R Kelly