Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Major Experimentation

Some of you may have heard about an experiment in Europe involving a Hadron Collider, which may or may not produce tiny black holes, or even more significantly, THE END OF ALL LIFE AS WE KNOW IT!!!!AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!!!11!!1!1!!

The long version of Dr. Hawking's Black Hole Theory can be found here. To wit:

Beckenstein suggested on thermodynamic grounds that some multiple of k
should be regarded as the temperature of a black hole. He did not, however,
suggest that a black hole could emit particles as well as absorb them. For
this reason Bardeen, Carter and I considered that the thermodynamical
similarity between k and temperature was only an analogy. The present result
seems to indicate, however, that there may be more to it than this. Of
course this calculation ignores the back reaction of the particles on the
metric, and quantum fluctuations on the metric.

The short version:

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