Tuesday, September 09, 2008

With the change that we change so to change what we change

More news to start your day:

Sen. Obama's money drying up - so apparently opting out of public financing will really hurt. Hubris, meet karma.

Democratic incumbents in Montana and Michigan and formerly leading Democratic challengers in Colorado and are now in danger of losing formerly easy races.

Media darlings getting kicked in the teeth, repeatedly, thanks to dramatically smearing and lowering expectations for Gov. Palin only to have her blow them away. (Really, bringing up religion with the ghost of Jeremiah Wright in the background is a pretty bad idea.)

New leads and closer races than expected in Michigan, Ohio, Colorado, and Pennsylvania, and beginning an effort to take California (no, wait...KAH-LEE-FOR-NEE-YA).

Wait, what's that sound?

More cowbell, you say?

We'll continue exploring the studio space later.

It's on.

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