Monday, September 01, 2008


With the weather outlook still unclear and after speaking to Beau Rivage Friday morning, we decided to keep the trip to Biloxi this past weekend.

We arrived Friday at approximately 11:30 PM.

On Saturday, at approximately 11 PM, we rceived official word that the hotel had to be evacuated by 8 AM this morning.

So, we packed up a bunch last night, and finished up this morning and hit the road almost exactly at 8 AM along with the rest of the Gulf Coast.

I decided it would be best to AVOID the interstate if at all possible, since everyone would be on it already. We took US 98 from Biloxi through Ocean Springs, Pascagoula, and Moss Point before getting into Alabama. We tried to enter the interstate at Grand Bay, but the interstate was completely frozen. I cut north to some county roads, and maneuvered to Theodore, where I was able to drop back donw to the Interstate and join in, as it was almost speed limit at that point.

It took us approximately three hours to get from Biloxi to Mobile, but it really wasn't too bad. We had two pit stops along the way for the kids which consumed about 30-40 minutes, so we probably averaged about 35 mph. Not too bad.

So, to let you know, we are fine, we are OK, we survived the evacuation order and ensuing chaos, and life goes on.

What did I miss?

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