Thursday, September 25, 2008

All points request

I need help, and through four weeks my professor has not been too helpful or quick in providing assistance.

I am trying to slash through my Web Application class, and I keep running into problems that he is unable to explain, so I am hoping one of you can help me with some problems I have with ASP.NET.

I've been trying to make some data connections within button-clicks and have been failing miserably. I have also been trying to write functions to execute, and have been getting almost no relevant guidance from the professor despite repeated requests.

Even as I type this, he's become lost on putting together a simple applet which is basic enough I could figure it out.

So, if any of you has an hour to spare, I'd love to have some help and figure out just how I'm supposed to code some of these things. It's a pretty sad state when I've learned more from APO's Nationals registration site than I have from the professor. I seem to get about 85% of the way, but I can't close the other 15% so that I'm actuallly learning in a decent manner.

So, in a word...


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