Thursday, September 18, 2008


I had been planning to spend this week finishing up some assignments and beginning to write about a lot of fun times this past weekend.

In perhaps the most ironic twist of the whole trip, we were not done in by any sort of exotic food or unsafe conditions in New York.

We were all done in by a Burger King three miles away from home. We stopped on Tuesday night on the way back from the airport to get a quick dinner, which unfortunately caused three of us to get food poisoning effective Wednesday morning.

It resulted in everyone else staying home from work and school, and in me coming home after three hours of work and missing my classes Wednesday night, while also failing to do any work for my Thursday class (which I'm trying to do now as I install a bunch of programs).

We've decided to abstain from any fast food for a while. It's amazing how easily a 4-year old will agree to such a request when they have a tummyache.

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