Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First time caller, long time listener

Well, I can cross off one thing I've never done and had vowed never to do.

I made a donation to a political campaign.

Now, the deadline to receive funds eligible for matching in the general campaign is Thursday, Sep. 4, so you would have until tomorrow night to get out the checkbooks. It was August 31, but the deadline is actually the acceptance of the nomination which is tomorrow night.

Also, I managed two find two bugs on their website, which are being ironed out as we speak, so I guess the programming I've (tried to) learn is coming in handy.

Bottom line: I've never donated before, but I'll donate to this ticket, and I think Gov. Palin's speech tonight might be a lot more electrifying that some naysayers believe.

Now if the networks will only cover it. They did wall-to-wall coverage of the DNC last week, but have barely cut to anything so for at the RNC in St. Paul.

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