Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Picks before I forget

I might forget to write this before the games (like last weekend) so here we go:

Colts (+4) at Ravens - Peyton Manning, on the road, against a really good defense, in the playoffs, against another QB who's actually been to the Super Bowl. The Ravens should cover the line.

Eagles (+6) at Saints - The Eagles beat a self-imploding Giants team at home. Now they go to the Superdome to take on a well-rested Saints team with enough weapons to withstand Philly's defensive fronts. Saints win but do not cover.

Seahawks (+8.5) at Bears - I think that even with all the injuries, the Seahawks will be able to get just enough on offense to win because the Bears' offense won't score 10 points. Seahawks pull off the road upset.

Patriots (+4.5) at Chargers - I refused to pick against the Pats last year, because someone needed to beat them. They looked good last week in the fourth quarter, but letting the Jets hang around that long is not something that can be repeated against the Chargers' offense. The only question is if Marty finds a way to screw up the Chargers' game plan. I don't think he will - the conservative plan is probably the way to go when you have Tomlinson in the backfield. I think the Chargers cover.

Championship week: Chargers over Ravens, Saints over Seahawks.

Super Bowl: I picked the Chargers in September, I'm sticking with them. You didn't really think I'd pick the SAINTS to WIN the Super Bowl, would you? That is the third sign of the end of days!

Just pretend I said New Orleans instead of Carolina four months ago, OK?

San Diego 27, New Orleans 16.

UPDATE: I know, the Colts won. Dammit.


paul zummo said...

You know, i was going to write a comment about wagering my life savings against your picks. Well, dangit, I would have had a pretty penny.

Francase said...

Of course if you'd bet it against my picks last weekend, you'd be flat broke and have nothing to bet against me this week.