Saturday, January 06, 2007

Stop the acclaim

Indy beat Kansas City today, 23-8. They held the Chiefs to very little yardage on the ground.

Of course, after the game we hear the hyperbole of "best offense ever?" "can they be stopped?" has the defense turned the corner?" and other mularkey.

Folks, calm down.

The Colts won a home playoff game.

They beat a team with a lousy clock-management coach, even if he does PLAY to WIN the GAME!

They held Larry Johnson in check after he had finished setting a single season record for most carries (but did not lead the league in rushing). So, he's very tired and worn out.

Trent Green is approximately 206 years old.

The Chiefs were a 9-7 team.

Frankly, two touchdowns was the minimum they should have won by. As they are coached by TOny Dungy, that's exactly what they won by.

Next week, the Colts go to Baltimore and play a real defense. Don't think the Ravens aren't playing with humongous chips on their shoulder - everyone's talking about Indy, New England, or San Diego, and leaving Baltimore out of the conversation. The game is in Baltimore, and this team will be amped up.

Besides, it's much more fun talking about the Colts' shortcomings considering how much of a prick Peyton Manning is.


Big Daddy Jeff said...

I dunno. I like Indy's chances against Baltimore. And I thinking it's for exactly the opposite reason as you suggest -- nobody expects much of the Colts this year compared with their past 2 seasons from which so much was expected because the offense was so amazing and the defense better. We'll see.

But you gotta give up that grudge against Peyton. I can understand you having one against Eli after the way he did your fantasy team this year! But you're not a Jets fan anymore -- so what they got stuck with Keyshawn back in 1997 because Peyton preferred one more year in orange over a career in green! Even I've come around to rooting for Peyton. SEC pride, if nothing else. I like to see all the SEC players go on to do well in the pros.

Francase said...

Steve Mcnair has actually been to a Super Bowl.

And the Baltimore D has been getting little respect compared to, say, the Bears this year.

And Peyton Manning is a spoiled brat. If I see one more DirecTV plug with him I might shoot the TV.

Besides, I'm not rooting for ANYONE from Rocky Top. ESPECIALLY one who could never get over the hump and win a national title...unlike the great Tee Martin (snicker)


paul zummo said...

As a U of F fan, Jeff should realize more than anyone else that Peton is a complete choker in all big time situations. I certainly enjoyed him throwing more complete passes to Florida defenders than Tennessee receivers all those years. Admittedly he's gotten better, but he inevitably will lose sometime before the Super Bowl.