Monday, January 22, 2007

When It's Over

I'm not writing this post from home.

I am sitting at my desk at work.

Effective this morning, I returned to work. Everyone was glad to see me, thankfully. Whether it's because of good tidings or because my work won't be on their desks remains to be seen, though.

Right away, though, I am getting welcomed back to the most fun of activities - the performance review. Since I've been gone, mine has been delayed until now, but now that I'm back, the year-end review gets to be

Good thing I did my writeup before I left and was able to put down exceeds for almost all of my goals, with a month left in the year!

The other interesting tidbit I found out is that while I was gone, our group's performance results dropped. A lot. From November to December, it dropped by 7%, which isn't within any sort of normal variation.

Ego boosts the first day back are a good thing, I suppose :)

Now I get to begin making calls to 40-50 clients to notify them that I have returned, and then I can prepare for the onslaught of work.



Anonymous said...

I'm sure that your employer will love to learn that practically the first thing you did when returning to the office Nice. ;-)

Francase said...

Well, I did take the time to walk around a bit first, get a little caught up, and see that I didn't have 1800 messages awaiting my return.

Heck, I was already here for 90 minutes before posting this. So it wasn't the first thing.

More like the fourth :)