Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Called Shot

Well, the Division I football season is over, and if you don't already know, Florida trounced Ohio State 41-14.

Boy, it's too bad no one predicted Florida would win the title this year.

Except for one person. Yes, I know they were supposed to beat West Virginia, but it still had them winning the title.

Aside from that? A mixed bag. At least I got the big one right, even if I got several others wrong.

Congratulations to the Gators, and don't think that it doesn't pain me to type that sentence.

Just remember, Florida only beat Georgia by 7 going against an injured team with a freshman quarterback, which got healthy and finished by beating Auburn, Georgia Tech, and Virginia Tech.

So watch your backs next year.

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Big Daddy Jeff said...

Florida Gators - 2006 National Champs! You called it, Mike. I gotta give you that. But somehow I think this season you never rooted harder against your own pick to be wrong!

I had LSU - didn't miss by much, but conversely I'm very glad I did!

As for UGA, sure, their future does look good. As you correctly suggest we did "only beat Georgia by 7." However, by that same logic, UF only beat SC and TN by 1 pt each, Vandy by 6, and FSU by 7. So a win is a win is a win. And thankfully Florida has enjoyed 15 of them in the past 17 years against that little team from Athens. So, we'll definitely save any mild concern about the threat from the Bulldogs till next October! ;-)