Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Screwed-up picks

Well, I went 1-3 this weekend. I only got the Saints right, straight up. Against the spread, 0-4.

Three reasons which I didn't expect:

1) Rex Grossman played very well. He played a lot better than I anticipated. Seriously, 60% completion and 280 yds? Not expected. Not just a few weeks after a 0.0 rating.

2) Peyton Manning did well in a playoff game against a very good defense. Not too well, as he didn't throw a touchdown, but the Colts moved the ball enough to get Vinatieri in position to kick 5 field goals. Perhaps I underestimated Vinatieri's clutch presence as a counter-measure against Peyton's choke history.

3) I did not expect the latest reincarnation of Martyball against the Patriots. I would rant here, but Kid Dynamite sums it up a lot better than I could have, so instead of writing it all over, I'll just link to his post here.

As for this weekend - I don't know what to think. There's good arguments for all four teams to advance, and I can't make up my mind yet.

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