Friday, January 19, 2007

Good games

The one thing that can't be disputed is that both playoff games will be very good this weekend.

1) Patriots (+3) at Colts. I don't care that they've already played so many times, I like seeing them play. Probably for the same reasons that folks like seeing the Red Sox and Yankees play as many as 26 times in a year.

I know Indy beat the Patriots in the regular season both this year and last year. But like the Red Sox, I can't pick the Colts until they pull it off. Until then, I pick the rings. Pats cover, and I think win outright.

2) Saints (-2) at Bears. This line dropped a LOT, considering it's a dome team going to Chicago in January. Just remember, the Saints were 6-2 this year on the road, and is quite used to playing away from the SuperDome the last two years.

I think the Saints have a slight edge in the running game over the Bears, as Deuce has played like he did three-four years ago. I think Brees is monstrously better than Rex Grossman. The Saints' defense is good enough to stop the run and force Grossman to throw it down the field to beat them, just as the Bears' defense can force Brees to do the same. I think Brees has a better chance of beating the Bears' D than Grossman has against the Saints.

Saints win outright.

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