Sunday, January 07, 2007


Courtesy of CasinoOwnage:

Your Poker Game is sooo weak ...

  • Moneymaker lols at you
  • Paul Varkonyi can read you like a book
  • You can't get staked for a freeroll
  • Your card protector hides under your cards
  • The only black chips you have are the ones from your dirty hands
  • The dealer deals you 4 cards in a texas holdem game
  • You're automatically entered into everybody's friends list
  • The only button on your screen is "call"
  • Party Poker asks you to be their sponsor
  • Everybody seems to want to pay for your Red Bull
  • You think AT is an automatic 3:2 favourite
  • Phil Hellmuth invites you to a cash game
  • Helen Keller can pick up your tells
  • You look for players eating Oreos

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