Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Running around like a headless chicken

Some mornings are just so crazy it's tough to put them into words. This is one of them.

We needed to go to the airport this morning to drop off the wife for a flight for a work conference. The flight was due to leave around 8:20 AM.

We had been planning to get up around 5, leave around 6:30, so there would be enough time. Naturally, it doesn't happne that way.

5:50: Wake up.

7:02: Pull out of the driveway as everyone and everything is FINALLY loaded into the car.

7:13: Arrive at I-75.

7:18: Get in the HOV, and pass 85 MPH.

7:38: Arrive at the airport 33 miles away from the house after fighting rush hour traffic, but only 42 minutes before the flight is due to leave.

7:43: Leave airport. Get back on the highway to go to Sandy Springs (the other side of town.

7:52: Realize I'm screwed on the highway as the average speed is single digits through downtown.

7:59: Fight through ten lanes on the connector to get back in the HOV to go north.

8:15: Arrive at school. (20 miles from airport)

8:35: Leave school. Drive down one of the 94 Peachtree-named streets.

8:58: Park downtown. (9 miles from school) Amazingly, the car does not try to run me over after finally stopping for the morning.

9:05: I finally arrive, amazingly only off a couple minutes.

I think I need another vacation, or at least a trip to the Richard Petty Experience.

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Anonymous said...

I expect nothing less than for you to be running ridiculously late on such a morning. But also to your credit, I expect nothing less than for you miraculously to pull it off being only a few minutes behind.

Kind of like bowling. How many times did you miss the practice frames, miss signing in, etc. But you'd always seem to be running into the room just as your turn was coming up in the 1st frame full of stories of how the car ran out of gas just as you turned into the parking lot!