Tuesday, January 16, 2007

HORSE update

I wrote a couple weeks ago that I was going to Tunica for the WSOP Circuit event, and to try to play in the H.O.R.S.E. event on Jan. 13.

Here's the results. Out of 112 entries, 16 paid, with first paying out about slightly more than $35K.

You won't see my name there.

However, it's not because I busted out.

I cancelled the trip on Thursday. Since I could never extend the hotel stay, it wasn't going to work very well to stay just one night. Also, health-wise, it was not going to work out to have that sort of travel or to have everyone else stay here. So, I decided to cancel the trip - thankfully, it was still before the cutoff for cancellations.

Thankfully, there are still other circuit events over the next few months. At a minimum, New Orleans is still set. Who knows, perhaps a trip to Atlantic City may be in order now for their event in March - and I'd imagine a few readers here would probably want to make the trip as well.

Besides, it was much more fun to stay home this weekend and get spit up on by a 7-week old every time I tried to hold her for 4 days straight - complete with a grin which seemed to say that she was having a lot of fun doing so.

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