Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Still BS

Tom Kean Jr. is winning by 7000 votes but is the projected loser.

Still very fishy.

What the hell is going on with FOX? Even CNN isn't jumping the gun to call those seats.

GOP is holding IN-3. That's one that should have been called by now.


Big Daddy Jeff said...

They do exit polling, you know Mike. Can't mention it till after the polls close. But that's how they project. The 1% or whatever % of numbers are showing don't really matter as much as exit polling.

The wave is coming! ;)

Francase said...

Actually, exit polling shouldn't be used anymore since the VND crap. But Fox is using it even as it's pronounced to be off by 6 or 7 points.


Big Daddy Jeff said...

MSNBC (what I'm watching tonight) called it for Whitehouse over Chaffee very early. That surprised me. Must be exit polling. I think that's ok as long as they don't report the poll results till that state's voting is over.