Tuesday, November 07, 2006

NY-24 - Reynolds Holds

That's a surprise.

The Foley seat is a dead heat.

And Maryland is still full of it. Steele and Ehrlich are both winning, but are projected losers.

NY-20 flips to the Dems. Ouch.


Big Daddy Jeff said...

Local news here says Negron has already conceded. I dunno?

Francase said...

Still a toss-up.

Big Daddy Jeff said...

Trust me, he conceded. They just reported from his HQ. It's empty already. He's done.

I put my reputation on the line and, afterall, I'm the one who said Dems take the House! ;-)

Francase said...

I saw it about 2 minutes after I posted.

Anonymous said...

Ha!!! LOL!