Tuesday, November 07, 2006

2 more Dem House pickups

NC-11. Heath Shuler wins. Yes, THAT Heath Shuler. Hopefully he'll be a better Congressman than quarterback.

FL-22 - Clay Shaw loses. With Republican control, he would have headed Ways & Means. This is a BIG loss.

At this point, the GOP is down two touchdowns. 1 more seat will flip the House. Hopefully they can play better defense in the Midwest and Southwest.

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Big Daddy Jeff said...

Hey, Shuler was pretty good in college with the Vols. He became a big real estate guy after he flamed out in the NFL. Heath Shuler Realty was big in East Tennessee when I was spending a lot of time there a few years ago. Probably big in NC too. Now he gets to go back to Washington DC where he sucked with the Skins. Irony!