Friday, November 24, 2006

Are you ready for some football?

This is not in reference to any pro or college games this coming weekend, even though there are many on tap.

Georgia State has released the results of a feasability study. The results indicate the possible go-ahead, based on feedback and potential support, for Georgia State to add Division I-AA football to its list of sports.

There would be an increase in student fees of $200 per year, with additional funding required from other sources.

Having never had a football team at any school, I'd be delighted to have a football program for once. The main sticking point, of course, is where they would play and the associated costs - options range from renting the Georgia Dome, to updgrades at Panthersville (15 miles from campus) to building a new arena downtown.

The entire study is also available by clicking here.

At least we know Georgia State has more balls to consider such a move than Emory ever would.

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