Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Grinding, grinding, grinding

I cashed out almost everything last week to go on a massively extravagant spending spree.

Yep, nice and exciting. Furniture and paint supplies. It's what every poker winner spends their winnings on, right?

(In a related note, the nursery now looks very nice. It's been painted coral. The rooms upstairs are now a light sunny yellow, a key lime green, and coral. If the house were picked up tonight and dropped in Key West, it would fit right in.)

Anyway, after the cashouts, I left myself $3.15 on Doyle's Room. Figured I'd leave a tiny amount to just play around with, hit some microlimit games, maybe build it up. I'd still cashed out a significant amount of my winnings so I don't have the accompanying guilt about losing it all back. That feeling is awful. But leaving behind so little isn't really leaving much.

That was 5 days ago.

Since then, I've built it from 3.15 to 36.22, for a rate of return over 1,000%!

Time for a cashout and testing a new site and bonus! Didn't think I'd be building it up so fast, but it was quite fun. I played the micro pot-limit games until I got to $10, then moved to a micro NLHE table and just started running. Apparently, I found a lot of bad players.

Anyway, it's time to start on the one major site that I've never tried, but a lot of folks I play with have been saying I should try it out. And since they've got a bonus at the moment, I might as well see how it is. 100% bonus up to $50 until the end of the year, so it looks like it's worth a shot.

Poker Stars. The #1 site with over 100,000 players. Might as well try to catch a lot of fish if I can! Even at this late hour, there are 37,000 players logged in. It took a LOT of Party Poker's traffic - which, again, is fine with me, because a lot of Party Poker's traffic was of the unskilled variety.

Since some readers here play on there, look for francase13 - that's me. Hopefully, I'll have added a few more digits to my deposit by the time you get there.

Heck, even if I crap the bed, I left a little at Doyle's to try it all again. It's still a loss of only $3.15.

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