Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Georgia File

Here's the rundown for all you Georgia readers out there:

Governor: Sonny did. Winning by 20 points.
Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle (R) wins by 200,000 votes. (12%)
SoS: Karen Handel (R) by 12%.
Atty. General: Thurbert Baker (D) by 14%.

Districts (R first)
GA-1: Kingston 68%, Nelson 32%.
GA-2: Hughes 32%, Bishop 68%.
GA-3: Westmoreland 67%, McGraw 33%.
GA-4: Davis 24%, Johnson 76% (McKinney's old seat)
GA-5: No R, Lewis unopposed.
GA-6: Price 71%, Sinton 29%
GA-7: Linder 70%, Allan Burns 30%
GA-8: Collins 49.1%, Jim Marshall 50.9% (2633 vote difference)
GA-9: Deal 76%, Bradbury 24%
GA-10: Norwood 66%, Holley 34%
GA-11: Gingrey 71%, Pillion 29%.
GA-12: Burns 50%, Barrow 50% (1257 vote difference)
GA-13: Honeycutt 29%, Scott 71% (what happened? This was supposed to be a close one.)

Right now, it is 7 R, 4 D, and two still up in the air.


Big Daddy Jeff said...

Good for Sonny. I always liked him and despised Fatso Taylor. Also good for Sanford Bishop, my former congressman in Valdosta. And one of my favorite Democratic congressman. I hope he might see some leeadership in the new Dem House.

Mac Collins trailing in a close one? Wow. I guess Macon went big time for Marshall. I'm shocked he didn't do better given Sonny's big win. We all knew that Burns/Barrow one would be tight. As for David Scott, I'm not surprised at all. Like I told you, that is one of the most gerrymadered districts I've seen. The GOP drew it to swallow up pockets of minority votes from Henry to Gwinnett so that surrounding districts would stay GOP. Dirty, but smart.

Francase said...

Not anymore - Mac's pulled ahead by 2000 with 94% in. It might be the only GOP pickup of the night.

Big Daddy Jeff said...

Good for Mac -- another former congressman of mine. Hope he pulls it out.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... you thought the Scott race would be close? I live in his district... and I NEVER saw any signs for that Honeycutt person... only for Scott.
in other things...
Go Dems!