Friday, November 17, 2006

R.I.P. 96Rock

A longtime mainstay of Atlanta radio is no more.

Due to crappy programming, a lousy morning show that was finally canned (The Regular Guys) and a rotation of seemingly only 6 songs, 96Rock is no more.

A station had popped up about a year ago, 105.3 - The Buzz, which plays mostly hard rock and metal, and also owned by Clear Channel. They are taking over at 96.1 and it's been re-named Project 9-6-1.

If nothing else, it means I'll be able to listen to more than 4 different songs per hour. 96Rock has been around for 32 years, but with the lousy programming of the last few years, it was time for it to go. Classic rock is not a popular format, and a limited playlist doesn't help.

Here's hoping for better fortunes, and goodbye to a fallen Atlanta radio icon.


Big Daddy Jeff said...

Sad to hear that 96Rock is no more. I've heard that there wasn't much left of it these days anyway. But I always enjoyed listening to it over the years. The Regular Guys, Tim Rhodes, Southside Steve, Christopher Rude, etc. Good memories. Yeah, the music was getting old. But then again Freebird never gets old.

What's going to happen to the Braves? I can't see them staying on a modern/alt rock station. But the signal for sister station WGST AM is too weak to carry the night games. Maybe Peach 94? Delilah can do the post game show with Skip!

Francase said...

It's sucked for the last couple of years. I even took them off my pre-sets - and when it falls behind twelve other stations, that's generally bad. I dropped 96Rock and added the buzz. Ah, the irony.