Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Missouri Update - SWITCH

McCaskill: 803003
Talent: 799007

I need a drink. I don't care if it's 1 AM. I need a drink for this one.


Big Daddy Jeff said...

Nah. Just grab your surfboard and hop on the wave!

Not that I expect you to, but it does feel weird to be one of the few who actually celebrated the results of the elections of 1994 and 2006. I guess I'm a maverick. Love the underdog. Love the outsider. I'm sure I'll begin to have problems with Democrats soon enough, but for now it just feels good to have a change, IMHO.

paul zummo said...

Have one for me. I am done for the evening, as is the GOP.

UGH, what a night.

BTW, the last four letters of the verification as I was about to publish: RINO.

It never ends.