Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Steele down, but only by 2,000

I think this call in MD is getting rescinded.

Only 39% in and the numbers haven't separated.

I'm not counting that as dead quite yet.

Chafee has probably lost in RI - frankly, I don't care, because Chafee would have jumped to the Dems in a heartbeat if the Senate were tied.

Talent has a 50,000 vote lead in Missouri with 30% in. That is looking pretty good right now, but you never know what ACORN frauds will show up in St. Louis.

GOP has now lost 2 in the Senate - Chafee, Santorum, and Dewine, offset by Corker. I'm not counting Steele out yet.


Big Daddy Jeff said...

Corker is winning Frist's seat. That's not a pickup, just like Cardin in MD. So it's actually -3.

Francase said...

Cardin's win has been rescinded. I never included in my count.

Now, neither is the WaPost or CNN.

Big Daddy Jeff said...

yeah but they're still down 3. you can't offset losses with a hold, which is what a corker win is. otherwise you coul then say they're -1 b/c kay bailey won or jon kyl, etc.