Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Twenty eight minutes

In trying to drain a lot of stress and avoid the impending sick I could feel spreading throughout my body, I decided to log in for a little while last night to play.

It was a very good night in the Challenge, as I finished up about seven buyins in all.

One table was quite good to me, despite being the crack of poker. Yes, I sat down at a Pot-Limit Omaha 8/B table on Bodog for exactly twenty-eight minutes, at which point, per the rules, I had to leave my seat as I had more than doubled the $5 buyin.

It was quite bizarre. Besides, after the last week, I'm allowing myself one brag post.

Hand 1: Flop two pair, force a fold on the turn when a low hits, +1.11
Hand 2: Call UTG, but would have made the nut low. -0.10
Hand 3: Check BB, then fold on flop despite flopping two pair because there are too many players, avoid river suckout. -0.10
Hand 4: Fold SB. -0.05.
Hand 5: Fold from button Q-Q-2-2 non-suited.
Hand 6: Fold
Hand 7: Fold
Hand 8: Fold

Yes, that is five straight preflop folds in O8B, which I don't think anyone at this level does. Apparently, no one noticed.

Hand 9: Make nut low from UTG+1 when starting with A-2-3-10, one suit, with three to the river. +3.65 thanks to 6 players see the flop.
Hand 10: Fold UTG 8-6-5-3.

Now, I've been there one orbit, but I haven't hit 10% of my bankroll yet, so I can stay on. That is a good thing.

Hand 11: BB: K-J-10-5, single suited: Shove everyone off hand after betting pot on flop (with three pair??!?) and re-potting on turn. +1.40
Hand 12: Fold SB with ugly 10-7-5-4 non-suited crap.
Hand 13: A-Q-J-2, single-suited, flop the nut low on a five-way flop. +3.40.

I'm now over 10%, so I have to stand up the next time the big blind hits me, in 7 hands. I'm now at 14.26.

Hand 14: Fold 7-5-5-2, double-suited, which would have made nothing.
Hand 15: Scoop with crap. A-K-Q-4, with 3 spades. Another player chases a gutshot to the river, and missed, so my pair of Kings (?) and nut low of 8-4-3-2-A scoop the pot. +8.70.
Hand 16: Limp A-A-7-8 non-suited, then I fold on an all-low flop, which gave two players a sraight. -0.10
Hand 17: From UTG, I limp 10-4-3-2. Flop gives me nut low draw and flush draw, I bet pot, and get three callers. Turn is a 5 for the wheel, and I get two callers on another pot bet. River is another club which gives another player the high with a better flush. +9.64.

So, in 17 hands, at a .05/.10 table, I finished up $27.50.

PLO8B = crack.

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