Thursday, June 12, 2008

Macro Techno Babble

Considering the number of code-savvy folk that read this little spot of the intertubes, perhaps one of you can help me figure out this problem.

I am trying to write a macro in Microsoft Excel.

(No, that's not the problem, really).

I am trying to import data from a .csv file a user receives monthly into a form also generated with excel. I am trying to develop a macro that, when activated, will prompt the user for the file path and the row number, and then import the data within cells in that row to cells in the form and save as a separate file (thus not screwing with the template.

For some reason, I am running into problems getting the prompting to work. While I've been able to script the dialog box to select the file, the macro is not retrieving the file and then prompting the user to select a row.

If all of this just went completely over your head, then feel free to read the other posts.

If you have any ideas, though, you can write to me at

aposec72 AT gmail DOT com

with any magical suggestions that don't involve unicorns.

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