Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tangible Results

Thanks to my nice showing the other day, I was able to convert a good amount of T$ into actual, real-live moolah.

I still have about T$40 remaining, after not doing so well in 4 mini-SOP events so far (the worst being last night when I finished 96th in the Fixed Limit Hold 'Em event - out of 120). So, we'll see how that turns out.

However, I'm always wary about donking off any decent cash, so I always seem to take a good amount out and use it for something we've been wanting to do for a while.

The three other times I've done so were for decent causes:

  • New dressers in the main bedroom.
  • Painting and decorating Samantha's bedroom before her arrival
  • APO Convention costs

Well, I've decided to do so again - we've been needing to replace our camera for a few months, as the one we have has stopped working and it would cost more to fix than to replace. Thankfully, the moemory cards are OK, so as long as we can get another digital camera, we can use them.

I've left a small amount on the site, but I've requested a payout for what I expect it would cost. Plus, I still have some T$ left. Frankly, if it all drops to zero, I will still feel OK because I've made sure to take some of the winnings off the table (and not be a complete donk).

Now, the big questions for you BoDog users - have you ever cashed out before, and how long does it take for a check request?

I've never used MoneyGram with them, and making a deposit through Moneygram in order to make a withdrawal doesn't make much sense to me, so I've requested a check. I'm wondering, though, how long it would take and if anytone has any stories (good or bad) they can share in the comments.

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