Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gambling Forum

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This should appeal to the forum rats who read this.

I received another recent recommendation about a new online gambling and poker-related forum. It’s called, simply enough, Gambling Forum. It’s got a lot of users – almost 10,000 users today – though I couldn’t quite tell what their average daily traffic was.

There are a lot of reviews for other poker sites – mostly sites available to European players, but some reviews on U.S. accessible sites. There is also a decent compilation of reviews of online sports books – again, with most of the sites open to European players, but some sites open to Americans. It does bother me, though, that two of the top three American sites listed are Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet, both involved in recent scandals.

The news releases published also have more of a global focus – in addition to U.S. news on the UIGEA and WTO conflicts, there is also news about Hong Kong, the EU, and live events abroad. There’s also tutorials and tips for a lot of common casino games (craps, baccarat, etc.)

Lastly, for folks looking for yet another way to scratch that itch, there are also video slots and no download casinos available on the site using embedded Flash players. There are also bonuses available for some of these sites, in some cases, not requiring a deposit.

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