Friday, June 27, 2008

Fixed Limit Texas Hold'Em

Some poker players love the thrill that comes with putting all of their money on the line in one single hand. Whether they are a reckless player or a wise one, it doesn’t matter as their chip stack could either double or disappear with the turn of a single card. However, there are people who play poker that don’t like to risk putting all of their money in and don’t want to play against those that do either. For these people there is Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em.

With this version of online poker, players don’t have to put all of their money on the line (unless their chip stack is next to nothing). Instead, there are betting limits in each round and players can not exceed the max bet at the table.

Typically, one will see the limit structure look something like this: $5/$10. This simply means that the maximum bet for the first two rounds will be $5 and, in the third and fourth round of betting, the max amount will raise to $10.

The maximum bet for the first couple of rounds is normally equal to the big blind. The big blind is the player two spots to the left of the dealer and they must lay down a forced bet, or in the case of the $5/$10 game, it would be $5.

Many people enjoy fixed limit because they don’t have to worry about any bullies at the table who will keep going all-in to steal blinds and pots away from more cautious players. If you are a player who prefers to play poker more conservatively, then this might be your game as things don’t get as crazy in this poker variation.

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