Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Last week, I had to bring Sammie into the office for a little while because she was not feeling well, and I had to go into the office.

Apparently, today was part 2: Alex had to come into the office for a little while because he had a fever yesterday and could not go into school today.

However, I had a meeting that I absolutely had to attend, and since I'm single for the week, that meant no other options.

So, Alex came intot he office for a few hours, I got to go to my meeting and get the work done I needed to do, and once again my child was extremely quiet and did not disturb anyone. The only difference is that, in this case, Alex drew for about an hour on my giant dry-erase board.

It's amazing what can entertain a child. In this case, indulging the inner artist.

Unfortunately we also went to the doctor today, and found out why Alex (and probably Sammie) weren't feeling well. The doctor took one look at his throat, and confirmed with a culture, that he had strep. Since he no longer had a fever (it hit 103 yesterday, but 99 today) he is not contagious and can return to school tomorrow. Since Sammie had the same symptoms, that is probably what she had as well.

Now I have the symptoms of strep as well.

I can't stay home, though, until Friday to work from home, since I'm solo and I'd be in no shape to take care of kids while sick. However, I can try to write macros (which amazingly, I was able to do while Alex slept under my desk.)

Only three more days until the weekend, right?

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