Monday, June 16, 2008

Hickory Smoked

An item of interest for the barbecue/food/southern/Food Network fans out there:

Apparently, the restaurant Lady & Sons in Savannah had a fire last night. Not the kind of fire normally used in preparing their barbecue and fried chicken, but one that could have burned the place down.

Thankfully, it was caught early. The funniest line, though, was as follows:

"Firefighters at first refused to let Paula Deen, who was wearing a robe and slippers, beyond the yellow security tape to get closer to the restaurant. She went under the tape and was quickly returned behind it. She was allowed to go through the tape when a firefighter recognized her."

Now that, I'm sure, was an interesting scene.

They re-opened for lunch today, so you can get your fix.

1 comment:

kurokitty said...

Or, perhaps more importantly to poker bloggers, you can get her cookin' at the buffet in her name at Harrah's Tunica. :)