Thursday, June 12, 2008

Motion to Reconsider

I wrote last week about taking a break from donkaments and playing a lot online.

Then, I won something decent.

In some ring game play since then, I've continued to chip up slowly but steady, just slugging away on the $10 and $25 NL and PLO tables without any swings.

I got the confirmation that my cashout request is approved - though it looks like it could take a while to show up. I left myself a small balance and some T$ to play with.

I think, instead, that what I will do, instead of breaking entirely, is set some new rules on playing.

If they sound familiar, it's because I've written about it before.

However, I'm not starting out at zero. But, I will be going by the same rules, for the most part:

  • I may not sit at a Sit and Go or cash table tournament with more than 5% of the bankroll or $5.
  • I may not buy into any Multi-Table tournament with more than 2% of the bankroll. The one exception is the mini-SOP event #15 on Monday, June 16 NL 6-Max event and is a sunk cost, already out from T$, not from cash.
  • The T$ are included in the total roll amount. Not that it should make much of a difference.
  • If at any time during a cash game session the money on the table is more than 10% of the total bankroll, I must leave when the blinds reach me.
I will continue this experiment until I drop to $0 (let's hope not), until December 31, or until I somehow reach $10,000.

Let's hope BoDog runs well and I employ enough patience to make this work.

The first step was tonight - and I finished up $5.07 for the day using the new rules. I finished 3rd in a $2 SnG and dinked around a bit in some cash tables. A good start, and hopefully I can figure out a way the get GoogleDocs to link into the sidebar so I don't have to write a whole bunch of the exact same post.

Last item - any readers planning on going to Biloxi for their WPT event Labor Day weekend?

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